American Life Insurance Company-American Life Insurance Company

It is one of the earliest insurance companies in Bangladesh, operating since 1952. Although the concept and the company originated from America, they successfully adapted it to the needs and expectations of the Bangladeshi people and reached the top. More than a million Bangladeshis in the country are dependent on the American Life Insurance Company (Alico) and thousands of agents are working for them, which has also created local jobs. They do all types of insurance planning as per the needs of everyone in the society.

Sunlife Insurance Company Limited-Sunlife Insurance Company Ltd

Sunlife Insurance Company Limited : The company was established in the year 2000 for customer protection and development of others in various business areas. This insurance company is ranked as one of the top insurance companies in Bangladesh. Basically they focus on the smallest family in the society. They are adequately protected and have all kinds of security that make it a successful insurance company.

MetLife Insurance Company Limited-MetLife insurance

It was founded in America in 1868. In Metlife Insurance Company you will find it in every district of Bangladesh. There will be various benefits for you. They have complete control over digital technology and their money through other companies. This company allows you to pay through digital technology if you want with a receipt. Here you can easily deposit money through any bank. No complaint has been filed against the company so far. Of course you can get insurance here. And there is no reason to worry about your money going missing. Because they are trusted institutions.

Jiban Bima Corporation

The words life and Bima mean life insurance in Bengali (the official language of Bangladesh). It is a state-owned insurance company, which provides life and other insurance services to citizens. Based in Dhaka, Life Insurance Corporation has branches all over Bangladesh and touches millions of people every day. It has developed comprehensive schemes to cater to people of all economic groups, which have proved to be a great success.

Popular Life Insurance Company Limited-Popular Life Insurance Company

This company used to take 3 months 6 months 8 months and some up to 12 months to pay many people. Since of than that the company has been updated in many times 2021 and if you deposit money in this company, there is no fear of losing money from here. It is a very big company. There are testicles in 64 districts of Bangladesh. Then you can get insurance with a popular life insurance company, no doubt you can use it without fear. Once your money expires, you can easily get your money back from here.

Sandhyani Life Insurance Co. Lee-Sandhani Life Insurance Company

Thanthi Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the leading life insurance company in Bangladesh since 1990. They are providing their services in different regions of Bangladesh and as a result financial change is increasing in the society. They have many micro insurance segments. Which provides more services and creates lasting change in society.

Delta Life Insurance Company Limited-Delta Life Insurance Co Ltd

In 1984, the government of Bangladesh allowed the private sector in the insurance industry, leading to the creation of Delta Life Insurance Company Limited, which started based on the number of Bangladeshi nationals working abroad. They started it because they wanted their fellow citizens to get the top class insurance services common in western countries. Since their early days, Delta Life Insurance has grown into a large organization today, working with the same goal in mind. They plan with society’s expectations in mind, which is the primary reason for their success.

Golden Life Insurance Limited-Golden Life Insurance Limited

This company divides its services into two segments, macro insurance and micro insurance. Based on the needs of its also customers, it selects the right
to the scheme. This approach has given them too many opportunities to grow with the full support of the publics. The Headquartered in Dhaka, Golden Life Insurance Company Limited has branches across the country and also company officials work directly with the public to educate them about their insurance needs. Golden Life Insurance Company Law

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