Education Loans

A traditional degree as well as a variety of advanced degrees bear a lot of plutocrat to enrich a career. A number of private banks offer long- term loans to scholars on easy terms. Loans given to interested scholars are known as pupil loans. Some of the lending institutions are Due to the country’s profitable recession and affectation, the central bank has shrunk the lending sector, but several private banks in the country give pupil loans under special service programs.

Its main ideal is to give advanced education to the upper class as well as the middle class Some banks call it career loan while some banks directly call it pupil loan or education loan. generally similar loans are also given to parents or directly to scholars still, in this case, parents or scholars have to accept the loan by accepting some conditions of the lending institution

Name of advancing institution

  • HSBC Bank
  • BRAC Bank
  • Prime Bank
  • Islami Bank Limited
  • Uttara Bank
  • Grameen Bank

Loan eligibility

Anyone who’s considered able of repaying the loan can take an education loan from these banks Generally, the workers working in government or private institutions whose payment is 12- 18 thousand taka are profited of this loan. In case of dealers, yearly income must be 50 thousand rupees subject to evidence of income Anyone between the age of 25 times to 60 times can take the loan as per eligibility system of taking loan still, they should approach the marketing/ credit department of any branch of the lending bank,

If parents are interested in getting education for their children. The responsible officer will give you the details still, in this case the necessary information and documents similar as- Income evidence, council/ university admission instrument and pupil concurrence form should be submitted The bank authorities will corroborate your documents and give you the loan as soon as possible HSBC Student Loans Conditions for serving pupil loans from HSBC

  • • No particular guarantee or cash security is needed •
  • To take a loan, a member of the family must have income and his yearly income must be 18 thousand to 22 thousand
  • • HSBC offers Dhaka loans from Tk 50 thousand to Tk 7 lakh 50 thousand or 4 times the borrower’s yearly income.
  • • Interest rate on loan is 18
  • • This loan has to be repaid within 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months with fairly low interest •

There’s installation to open pupil lines • If an affair or CEPS client wants to take a pupil loan, he’s also offered loans as 6x and 10x still, it isn’t further than 7 lakh 50 thousand rupees Contact for Loan Marketing and Public Relations Manager HSBC Dhaka Main Office – B, Sonargaon Road Dhaka- 1205, Bangladesh Phone- 011885626( loan branch 011884722( HSBC Office) references; http// BRAC Bank Education Loan

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