Currently counsel or advocate is a respectable profession in the society. numerous people have numerous questions about how to come a counsel. moment I’ll write in detail about what you need to know if you want to come a counsel.

Original conditions

The first and primary condition for getting a counsel in Bangladesh is that the seeker must be a citizen of Bangladesh and must have completed 21 times of age. Once these two are complete, your alternate step begins.

What to do to study law

According to the Bangladesh Bar Council Rules and Orders, to come a counsel, one must gain a degree in law from a honored university located within the borders of Bangladesh or a degree in law from a university outside Bangladesh honored by the Bar Council, which must latterly be vindicated with an original instrument. If he’s a barrister at law also he’s eligible to take the Bangladesh Bar Council examination.

Note that there are presently two types of law degrees awarded in Bangladesh. 4 timesLL.B( Honours) in Government or Private University after first SSC or original pass and degree in any other subject or 2 timesLL.B degree from colorful law sodalities after scale. At present education in law can be attained in these two ways.

Eligibility to come a counsel

After carrying any of the below- mentioned degrees in law and fulfilling the below conditions, anyone can fill and submit the Bangladesh Bar Council Pupilage Registration or Apprentice Lawyer form. The first process of getting a counsel is to submit this First suggestion to the Bar Council.

It must be noted that, satisfactory evidence of the aspirant’s birth instrument, satisfactory evidence of qualification in law as per Composition 27, witnesses from two persons in good standing as to the character and conduct of the aspirant, an affidavit that the information mentioned in the form is true and correct and that he’ll work as an apprentice for six months. An agreement should be made with a elderly( who has at least 10 times of regular advocacy experience). And there will be the damage of transferring the specified figure bank draft or pay order in favor of Bangladesh Bar Council.

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The said contract, affidavit and bank draft or pay order damage should be transferred to the Secretary of the Bangladesh Bar Council incontinently after passing the scale or any other degree examination in law.

Once the Pupilage or First suggestion Form is completed and submitted to the Bangladesh Bar Council, they will give a damage dupe with seal, hand and date and after entering that dupe, your duty is to continue the six month internship period in the chambers of your elderly advocate with whom you have contracted. to do virtually learning court proceedings.

way for Advocate Registration test On completion of six months from the date of acceptance by the Bar Council of the Pupilage Registration Form transferred by you, the Bar Council will issue a enrollment card to you. Where a enrollment number is given.

generally bar councils don’t shoot the enrollment card by post due to their busy schedules, campaigners have to go directly to the bar council office to collect the enrollment card. On damage of the enrollment card you’re considered eligible to take the forthcoming Bar Registration Examination. After six months have passed, you’ll be informed about the date of the three- step examination after the registration as an advocate and you’ll be informed to shoot the operation form again subject to the attachment of numerous documents to share in that examination which we call Alternate suggestion or operation for Registration as an Advocate.

Bank draft or pay order or damage of cash deposit in bank account of Bar Council in favor of Bangladesh Bar Council for prescribed examination figure after damage of announcement. Certificate of successful completion of internship from elderly. A list of five civil and five felonious cases bearing the hand, seal and date of the seeker and elderly, with full particulars of the cases entered during the internship, during the hail of which the seeker himself was present in court with his elderly. Along with these, all educational qualification instruments, character instruments and photos along with other needed documents have to be submitted to the Bar Council in person. Admit card will be issued to you after submitting the alternate suggestion.

ADVOCATE Registration EXAMINATION PROCEDURE After entering the admit card, the campaigners have to first share in the MCQ system of 100 marks in which the pass marks are 50. After passing the MCQ test, the seeker will have to appear in the written test of 100 marks, the pass number of this test is also 50. campaigners will be called for the oral test of 50 marks in the final stage if they pass the written test.

Supreme Court judges ask questions in this oral examination. In the oral examination, questions are asked from the subjects studied by the seeker under the elderly advocate. A seeker is certified as an advocate by the Bangladesh Bar Council if he she answers satisfactorily. primary or MCQ test Subject and Marks Preliminary MCQ and written test are conducted on total seven subjects. primary or MCQ examination with 20 marks in Civil Procedure, 10 in Specific Remedies, 20 in Criminal Procedure, 20 in Penal Code, 15 in substantiation, 10 in Tamadi Law, 5 in Professional Conduct, Bar Council Rules and Legal opinions. The question is asked. A aggregate of 100

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