Road accidents are never desirable. Yet accidents keep happening. Life goes on forever. Every road accident usually brings serious news.
Even if the life is not lost, serious injuries or lifelong paralysis also occur. Although no one else was physically hurt, his car was badly damaged. There is also a lot of risk in the case of an accident that only runs over the car. But keeping a cool head should do some initial work. If there is an accident between two cars, then experts suggest some actions for both of them without getting into a fight first.
Check that you and the passengers in the other vehicle are healthy
First, make sure you and your car are all right. Now get out and get information about the driver and passengers of the car that had an accident. It is important to save lives first. If this happens, notify the ambulance. If necessary, ask for help from the surrounding people.

Inform the police

The police must be informed after the initial shock. It is hoped that only the police will come and handle the situation and move towards a solution. They will report about the accident. Without the police, the dispute usually continues between the passengers or the driver of the two vehicles involved in the accident. Something does not want to move towards a solution.

Notify the car insurance

Every car has insurance. Or it should be done after buying the car. And the insurance should be informed immediately after the accident. The concerned agent can start the ‘Claim Process’ immediately. If you don’t do this, you will have to worry about the damaged car.

Take the picture

Take pictures of the two cars as they are after the accident. This way you can show the real picture in case of police investigation later. If you want to avoid the next problem, remember to complete this task.

The car stays there

After the accident, the road was jammed. Especially in a congested city like Dhaka, an accident means thousands of cars get stuck, thousands of people suffer. Many people leave their cars on the side of the road in case of a common accident.

But if the nature of the accident is such that you have to worry about it, it is better to leave even the removal of the car to the police. By doing this, the police will arrive at the scene and see the location of the two vehicles to understand the nature of the accident.

Get other car insurance information

In this case, get information about the insurance of the other car that was involved in the accident. So that later there is no trouble related to compensation transactions. Communication will also be facilitated.

Don’t get involved in arguments

Usually drivers or passengers of two cars blame each other. If you are wise you should not do this. It’s best to avoid discussing what you did, what the other car did, etc. The police will tell you everything. And don’t blame the other car first. This unnecessarily heated the situation. The investigation will reveal who is to blame.

Don’t be disappointed

Fear takes over after an accident. Many become emotional and frustrated. Don’t start shouting. If desperation overwhelms you, call the police and get in the car. Treat minor injuries to yourself and others.

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